The Hayloft

Excitement builds as your guests enter The Hayloft for what promises to be an evening of merriment! Your guests will fancy themselves transported back in time as rays of sunlight and stripes of seasonal color filter through cracks of weathered barn board. Custom-built farm tables made from reclaimed vintage barn timbers, adorned with floral and candlelight will add to the magic. Truly enchanted, everyone will be comfortably seated in farmhouse chairs, with over one hundred glittering lights from the overhead lanterns of various shapes, sizes and finishes creating a mood for the anticipation of what is to come.

The renovation of the barn's entrance to include double French doors and large glass pane windows offers a stunning full view of the sunset-washed pond, giving way to the twilight flickering of the stars over the hillside and fairy lights that adorn the beautiful pines.

Once introductions of the wedding party are complete, a night to remember will commence.

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